Film for Change

as part of the See The Other Side (Rota youth service club) i attended the film for change workshop conducted by Rota to encourage and teach the youth how to make short meaningful clips.

I was definitely an amazing learning experience for the See the Other Side team members 🙂


Soon in Akhbarna

After See The Other Side got published in QF’s magazine, very soon we will be included in an article in Akhbarna magazine.


Stay tuned 🙂

BAKE SALE in Vodafone

Yay We are having a bake sale in VFQ for our see the other side cause, also we will try to display some of the pictures that we used for the photoshoot


the problem is that we can’t find enough stands in VFQ to display them all 😦

Comedy show delayed

Due to some complications and short notices we had to move the charity comedy show till April. For the time being we will stay raising awareness and plan the huge charity comedy show for you guys





We are organizing a huge comedy event where all the profit will go towards academic scholarships for children in Naaja. The venue is Grand Hayat and the date will be announced very shortly

This is going to be a huge event. Do not miss it

come laugh and help make the world a better place

sounds like a good deal right?

Great Ideas to come

VERY SOON see the other side project is going to take a very big step in raising money for Academic scholarships of the children in Naaja

Planning BIG

We are planing for a huge comedy event for Vodafone’s employees to raise money for providing children from Naaja with academic scholarships. We are currently looking for sponsors. Stay tuned for more information.